The Indenture Labour Route

On 31st October, UNESCO approved the establishment of an International Indenture Labour Route, a project being led by Mauritius and including 26 countries to which indentured labourers were sent. The project is intended to complement the existing Slave Route project. UNESCO highlight that the Indenture Labour Route will:

  • contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of the movement of millions of
    peoples and cultures in that age;
  • highlight the global transformations and culture interactions that has resulted from this
    history; and
  • contribute to a culture of peace by promoting reflection on culture pluralism, intercultural
    dialogue, sustainable development and peace.

UNESCO states that the Route will aim to ‘connect people, to foster research on indenture, disseminate information on Indentured Labour as an international phenomenon and to set up collaborative programmes that will promote
the history of Indentured Labour worldwide’.

More can be found in the UNESCO document available online:


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